Proposal and contract maintenance lets you tailor the PDF proposals and contracts for your company. We provide sample documents so you can get the feel of how to use the mail merge tags. These mail merge tags act as placeholders for the job’s data, so each proposal and contract will display the correct information for each job.


For example, if a customer’s name is Nicholas Solomon, your document with the sentence “Thank you ${customer} for choosing our company…” will look like “Thank you Nicholas Solomon for choosing our company…” on Mr. Solomon’s proposal and contract.


We also give you the ability to add any notes that will appear on each page. Additionally, you can set the length of time a proposal or contract is valid, and we will add a sentence with this disclaimer to the proposal and contract.


There’s a lot of documents available to be placed in your proposals and contracts, but you might not want to use all of them. In the include section, you can choose which of your uploaded documents and which QuoteMaster-generated documents will be present for each type of proposal and contract.