*QuoteMaster: FIX LIST

October 6, 2014
*QuoteMaster: FIX LIST
Information on new releases: fixes and new features.
26 January 2015
– Updated formula for brace bands and tension bands
– (QM – Contractor version) Saved contract details for markup questions
– (QM – Contractor version) Updated contract workflow to show markup question columns for contract only in this status 

As of 21 January 2015
Support for Color ChainLink
– Customer number validation: when creating a new build, Account name and DC is now displayed before you get to the System page.
– Combined Walk Gates with Single Swing Gates
– When a build(project) has an incorrect part or can’t find a part, highlight or mark field when user return to Build page
– When adding multiple gates using the gate quantity dropdown in the Plan page, QM now adds enough materials (gate posts, gate hardware, etc.)
– When using Pipe for Bottom, QM now adds additional pipe.
– Commercial: DS Gate Post Selection – fixed error when build is CQ and gate post is DQ
– Truss Rods are added but there are no truss tighteners
– Removed copying of changes from Order Entry to Summary Page

Draw Program
– Fixes and improvements
– Added compass to drawing tool

Material List
– In the Material List page, made Requested (Build) quantity and UOM values absolute (non-editable) for all users
– Made Sold UOM editableBranch Defaults
– Branch Defaults Maintenance: use of part number to retrieve Item Group
– GBB Branch Defaults validation button
– Branch Defaults (Templates): separate Fabric chooser for ‘6ft & up’ and ‘under 6ft’ to support selection


29 October 2014
[10/23/14] Material List shows incorrect pricing calculation for parts with UOM conversions
– [10/28/14] Added “In development” label in E-Catalog and online catalogue images
– [10/28/14] Double click issue when opening a Branch Default Template in System Maintenance
– [10/28/14] Fly-out menu now minimizes after selecting System Maintenance sub-menu items


23 October 2014
– [10/20/14] Unable to complete a Security build: nothing happens when clicking Next from Build page.
– [10/21/14] Associates who are Branch Administrators can’t get to System Administration to manage Branch Defaults/GBB Templates
– Build can now be saved with Customer name &/or Job Name/PO #
– Improved gate panels UI alignment in Build page
– Improved gate popup UI alignment in GBB Branch Maintenance
– Added Created By, Date Created, Modified By and Date Modified info to Branch Defaults Maintenance
– Breadcrumbs label “Order Entry” changed to “Cart” (for contractors)
– Changed middle rail requirement for 6ft and above (none should be allowed to proceed with a warning)
– Added gate quantity field on Plan page
– Made selling quantity in Order Entry editable


20 October 2014
– Print button in Material List
– Summary Page button in Material List
– Show Prices button for Associates
– Added Disclaimer to Material List
– Customer information fields in Material List are now editable
Build now saves with Job Name after editing job name in Material List page
– Fixed error when using part # to retrieve set item group in Branch Defaults (Templates)
– In Branch Defaults Maintenance, added Latch question/chooser for Double Swing Gates for Commercial
Fixed duplicate DQ option in post choosers
– Fixed selection for Latch and Keeper for Residential Double Swing gates
– Add Text box to Drawing tool


06 October 2014
> Deployed 4-pages Associates version
> QM now supports builds without Terminal posts
> Added Latch chooser for Double-Swing gates
> Added chooser and calculation for Top Tension Wire when used as Top Rail
> Order Entry page renamed to Material List in the QM Associates version