QuoteMaster: Brace and Truss

October 13, 2014
QuoteMaster: Brace and Truss
Could I remove brace and truss from build? How do I select which parts to use for brace and truss?
At this time, QuoteMaster automatically adds bracing to fences 6′ and above with no option to remove from build or choose which part numbers. (Temporary workaround: you may remove or change parts when you get to Material List)

As stated in the WHAT’S IN THE PIPELINE? and KNOWN ISSUES FAQ page, we are working on the code so that QM will be more flexible with regards to Brace and Truss. In the near future, you will have the ability to remove bracing (there will be a disclaimer message that build doesn’t comply with ASTM specifications) to 6′ and above, as well as choose parts for the bracing.

You will also have the option to add bracing to below 6′ if you’d like to overbuild your fence.